Customised mouthguards that help to to play and perform with confidence – The Game Changer

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‘The Game Changer’
A custom made sports mouthguard that has been designed by a Dental Professional is:

  • Less bulky
  • Makes it easier to breathe
  • More comfortable
  • Allows for greater communication to team and coach
  • Customised for easier Identification

‘Risky Business’
Each year, thousands of adults and children are treated for dental injuries that could have been prevented or minimised by simply wearing a custom made sports mouthguard. The Australian Dental Association strongly recommends the use of a mouthguard in any contact sport or activity where a collision is likely during games and training. The ADA has even introduced a ‘No Mouthguard No Play’ Policy. Its those injuries or traumas to the mouth, which happen when you least expected it to!!!!

MELBOURNE - SEPTEMBER 24 : Brad Ottens (6) stretched for a ruck

The Damage
Boil and Bite and stock mouthguards that are purchased from a chemist or sports store, offer less protection as they are ill-fitted and loose in the mouth. The ADA states that these type of mouthguards could do more harm than good. Sporting injuries can include damage to the tooth nerve, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth, a broken jaw, damage to the tongue. cheeks and cut lips. Unfortunately, a single case of dental trauma can lead to a lifetime of dental treatment and financial cost in order to maintain the strength and health of the damaged tooth/teeth.

Who needs a Mouthguard?
Anyone who plays a sport or undertakes an activity where a collision or contact to the face is a legitimate risk should wear a mouthguard. Sports such as AFL Football – Rugby League – Rugby Union – Soccer – Basketball – Hockey – Ice Hockey – Netball – Kickboxing – Boxing – MMA – Karate – Taekwondo – Jiu Jitsu – Extreme Sports – Water Polo – Judo – Muay Thai – Wrestling and many more contact sports are no brainers because intentional collision and contact are part of the game.

The Custom sports mouthguard
If you decide a custom made sports mouthguard it is the best option for you, your dental professional with take an impression and create a plaster model of you teeth. This model will be used to accurately assess your mouth and design a uniquely custom fitted mouthguard. Once your mouthguard is fitted your dental professional will advise you how to care for it properly.